Attractives Cost-Benefit-Ratio

Already for 29,95€ per user and month you have with BusinessGuard a BI-solution with extensive functionalities for a detailed business planning or efficient controlling including a BI-Reporting for fiscal documents.            



  BG Overview  
  Daily Planning

contrary to other solutions enables BusinessGuard both monthly, weekly and daily business planning! So you can create budgeting at the best according to your needs!



  Fast ready-to-use

Already within 1 day*1 it is possible that you posses over your BusinessGuard application which shows your specific business structures. BusinessGuard represents in detail your company so that you have a perfect picture of your financial business situation!



  Easy, intuitive Usage

There's no need of having a profound, fiscal know-ledge to use BusinessGuard due to our integrated planning wizard which guides you step by step through the creation of a detailed business planninh. In combination with the automated data transfer into the various reports and analysis you possess without big effort over reliable, fiscal documents. 



  Availability 24/7

As web based BI-solution is BusinessGuard steadily online available in its' full range of functions. So you have also location independant access to all captured data in order to be equipped with an overview of the fincial business situation and with fiscal documents in just a few clicks. 






* Net price for BusinessGuard Basis plus System set-up, Data migration & Training

*1 dependant of the data volume and the data supply according to the stylesheet