»BusinessGuard convinces with a performance

  range which you normally just expect from big

  and expensive applications – and impresses

  with an astonishing operating comfort!«






  Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandtes Controlling mbH

Mr. Satzinger is working as executive consultant and as CEO for the DGC mbH. An essential tool for his task is an integrated planning system for the generation of a consistent outcome, balance and solvency planning, especially for the conversation with the bank on behalf of his clients. For the executive consultant BusinessGuard suits as quick ready-to-use planning and analysistool for mid-size business and for entrepreneurs.

All in all saves the BusinessGuard valuable time through the import of planned and actual data via Excel interface. Notably for the rolling forecast and the time-robbing master data entry is this a big advantage compared to other systems. Nevertheless this bi-solution impress with a clear structure and predefined processes and also with the possibility to dispense tasks and roles for the planning process, so the consultant. So that typical formula and nexus errors in selfmade Excel-tables belong to the past.

Because of the webbased bi-application with a password protected registration every company user and also Mr. Satzinger can invoke the application to support the data input or to check the outcomes plausibility. Through BusinessGuard a perfect interaction with the individual expert roles take place between the company and the consultant. As a consequence the enterpriser is independent from internal controllers/ accountants, from external consultants and from complex software solutions.