Due to our Organisation and Configuration menu you set-up our BI-solution BusinessGuard flexibly for your business structures as well as for your specific booking requirements!


BusinessGuard considers in general in the business planning as well as fact controlling variuos details as your products, your cost of sales, your business partner as well as your account frame. All these business dimensions can be uncomplicated captured, administrated as well as adopted at any time in our BI-solution. Through the pre-defined structures as well as through the wizard based enter menu your business structures are fast deposited. Furthermore we deliver your BusinessGuard version with a complete configuration of your specific account frame segmented into account groups with defined accounts. With our BusinessGuard Professional version you capture additionally without big effort your projects, your cost centers, business units as well as optionally companies. 

Besides this fast and time-saving caption and administration of your business structures enables BusinessGuard also the uncomplocated definition of standard settings. Hereto offers our configuration menu among other things the possibility to define standard booking accounts for each planning module in order to enable a fast data input with a booking consistency. In this way in the according planning module these pre-defined booking accounts are used as standard but however you can flexibly change this directky in the enter menu through selection of a different booking account.  


     Specific for your account frame customized application     
     Individual information structure can be uncomplicated  shaped    
     Flexible and easy adaptable application which grows with your business structures