For a reliable and convincing business planning you create with our browser based BI-solution BusinessGuard reliable and transparents plans. Contrary to other solutions we're not just perpetuating the past but rather plan in detail  by means of known business transactions  and planned actions. 


Due to our modular and wizard based planning process this doesn't require fiscal expert knowledge for a profound business planning with fiscal documents. Normally complex economically topics are simplified user-friendly in our extensive BI-software and is seperated into various substeps. Hereto BusinessGuard offers the following planning modules:

      BusinessGuard Basis       BusinessGuard Professional    

General Revenue

Product Revenue

Employment-conditional Revenue






BusinessGuard Basis +

Open Postings

Order Calculation

Account group planning

Calculation with Fact Data

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Economic support we do not just offer through our planning modules but rather we're also on hand with help and advice for economical questions. Furthermore our integrated wizard based enter menu ensures a detailed and transparent data caption. In so doing you record uncomplicated the important key data which are necessary for a transparent business planning with reasonable data. Addionally you can also further use Excel with all its' functions for your business planing due to our standardly integrated Excel interface in all BusinessGuard versions.

Through BusinessGuard you create even with small effort a daily as well as consistent business planning which shows you secure and reliable your actual status of liquid assets. So you have steadily a detailed and transparent perspective over your financial assets even on your way with Tablet-PC or iPad due to our browser based BI-solution BusinessGuard.



  Analysis & Reporting      

Utilize the various planning functionalities to safely plan your company’s future. Therefore you find in BusinessGuard special functions for a multidimensional finance planning: business segments, cost centers and projects. With the possibility to assign plans you can directly plan on account level.

For the planning the following modules are available:

                                                ✔ revenue

                                                ✔ costs

                                                ✔ sales

✔ order calculation

                                                ✔ investment inclusive financial assets

                                                ✔ loan

                                                ✔ deviations

                                                ✔ plan-fact-deviation

                                                ✔ HR

                                                ✔ open posting list

                                                ✔ planning asset depreciation

                                                ✔ workforce planning

                                                ✔ plan from fact 

                                                ✔ account group planning

                                                ✔ dimension planning

With the aid of these planning modules you can first create under task distribution to the different users, partial plans. These partial plans can then be consolidated to a master plan. Thereby it is possible to aggregate an optimistic expense plan, a pessimistic revenue plan, a very optimistic investment plan and a most-likely human resource plan in one single plan entity.

In this master plan the details of each planning value is available and afterwads still editable. Thereby the planning can be done both on-line, through the web interface and off-line via the Microsoft Excel functionality.

Through the functionality of a day-by-day view you obtain a transactions overview which shows you the profit. BusinessGuard helps you to have an extensive liquidity management available at any time among others through our extensive cash-flow planning as well as a liquidity forecast.

In the field of liquidity planning the insolvency risk is being reduced through the efficient liquidity management with BusinessGuard. So you consolidate besides your sales also your receivables, your payabales and your loan plans with the help of this BI-Software. In so doing you know your payment flows and could make a long-range planning with the aid of the simulations modules to recognise timely potential financial bottlenecks. So you stay on top of your finances!