Easy evaluation of chances and risks in order to identifytimely liquidity bottlenecks!    

At the chances and risks evaluation supports you BusinessGuard Professional not just with the various planning modules and reports as well as analysis but also through the integrated simulation module for predictive analysis. This assists you in the timely identification of entrepreneurial weaknesses, financial risks and chances. Hereto offers BusinessGuard Professional you the possibility to reassess entrepreneurial decisions on their financial effects without big effort.

Through different parameters as for example the effects of pay raises or the effects of price increases of your cost of sales with free key paremeter definition you simulate your financial business situation. Recognize with BusinessGuard Professional timey eventual liquidity bottlenecks and switch the points for your entrepreneurial future. 

Eliminate with the support of our sector-independant BI-solution beforehand risks for your fiancial business situation so that these can be obviated due to predictive analysis by BusinessGuard Professional!



This area of BusinessGuard offers you an effective module for the simulation of different key parameter. Therewith different future occurrences can be displayed and you see directly the parameter effects. The results of your assumptions are visualised in clear graphs.   

Simulate your entrepreneurial decisions and see the respective effects on all financial company aspects. In so doing you get a scenario-analysis with which aid you make the right choice, so that you can perceive at an early stage potential liquidity straits and take actions. 

The simulation is done via a friendly and easy to use interface which can define a series of parameters like:

                 ✔ Payment terms for suppliers/customers

                 ✔ Payment terms for open invoices (payables and receivables)

                ✔ Variation in time for any dimension (monthly)

                ✔ Variation in time for human head count

                ✔ Variation in time for personnel costs

simulation module view