As browser based BI-solution requires BusinessGuard just a few system requirements for its' usage. So you just need for the accces to our BI-system a web browser with activated JavaScript. For a perfect usage experience we recommend as web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher. 

     minor operating costs as browser based application     
    Relief of your IT-department    
     Ready-to use within just a few days with business specific structures    
     No  necessray OLAP-Data modelling    
    No additional investment costs or requried Third party  supplier    



As browser based BI-application is BusinessGuard both as Software as a Service (Cloud-BI) and as classical licence available.

If you decide upon the classical licence model, the usage of BusinessGuard necessitate the following requirements to your server:

1 Java Runtime environment 6

2 Java Application Server, w.g. Apache Tomcat

3 as well as the free version of the Microsoft SQL Servers (MS SQL Server 2005/2008/20008 R2)

Besides the installation directly on your server it is not necessary to install BusinessGuard additionally on each user computer as our application is called up thorugh browser. In this manner you save labour time as well as additional effort and your users can directly start with the business planning or fact controlling in BusinessGuard!




So that you can use BusinessGuard trouble-free the following system requirements should be fulfilled: 

System requirements server:

               ✔ Java Runtime Environment 6

               ✔ Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2

                ✔ Java Application Server (z.B. Apache Tomcat)

System requirements application software:

               ✔ Web Browser with JavaScript activated

               ✔ Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher

               ✔ Google Chrome