We are passionated about the efficient finance controlling for the perfect financial, entrepreneurial perspective!

BusinessGuard as powerful BI-Tool has arisen from our passion for an efficient and daily finance controlling in order to provide businesses size and sector independent a reliable tool for the financial perspective! From our long experience in international businesses we know how important the financial transparency is for entrepreneurial decisions. But not every company has its’s own controlling department for an efficient business planning or management as basis for profound entrepreneurial decisions. Through BusinessGuard we enable these companies as well as entrepreneurs or freelancers to have an intelligent tool for a daily finance controlling at disposal for more than attractive prices.

The BusinessGuard use doesn’t require explicitly economical knowledge due to the modular structure as well as due to the wizard based planning process with an automatical data transfer into the various reports as well as analysis. With BusinessGuard you can also further use the known Excel functionalities due to the standardly integrated Excel interface. Through this interface business figures are imported and considered within just a few seconds.

Directly after each data input all data are contained in detail in the various reports as well as analysis and can be modelled uncomplicated through filter selection. With BusinessGuard you have at any time reliable reports or analysis of your business situation with a daily liquidity calculation at disposal for business discussion with your bank or also your investors. Convince with profound and transparent financial documents as among other things P&L, balance or various cash flow analysis for fact*5as well as plan data.

As flexible sector independent BI-solution BusinessGuard is adapting to your specific business structures and grows flexible with your enterprise. Not you have to adapt to the system but the system to your business!

Our customer references offer you a short impression how BusinessGuard is used in different companies. In our detailed customer reports you get to know which specific focus the enterprises lay to the individual business situation with BusinessGuard support.

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* 5 in BuinsessGuard Basic:Fact-interface for additionally 14,95 €/ Mont (Net) available