As sector independant BI-solution all BusinessGuard versions provide an efficient business planning with a daily liquiditäty management or a powerfull fact-controlling. Thereby BusinessGuard adapts flexible and easily to different, company specific structures. Through our customer references as well as the detailed customer reports you get to know how our existing customers are using BusinessGuard.

  • ABG GmbH Open or Close

    The ABG GmbH is a subsidiary of Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e.V. and the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG e.V.. As a service provider for a variety of education and training programs, ABG GmbH has a wide range of services. For the financial management of the company is BusinessGuard as an efficient and transparent BI application used. At the beginning we were missing for our financial controlling another functionality that has been added in a short time according to our perception. The result is an attractive solution that has convinced us immediately. In addition, we were able to use due to its intuitive user interface directly BusinessGuard and did not require a long changeover time, the management of ABG GmbH. 


    The personnel consultancy Adrian & Roth offers in the range of microelectronics and the renewable energies an exquisite branch know-how. A matching ratio of 95% speaks for itself. 2010 the enterprise was looking for an analysis and planning tool which fits their requirements. After some sales discussions, in which the management have a closer look at BusinessGuard and its competitors, Adrian & Roth chose BusinessGuard. "The only scalable system, which contained all desired functionalities without the other ``Schnick Schnack``, which a small enterprise as we do not need", said Jürgen Adrian, one of the founders and managing director at Adrian & Roth.


    The Bayerisches Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau e.V. consists of outstanding professional musicians of the Central European area who are always joining together for new projects and for chamber ensembles. The ensembles has an extensive repertoire at disposal from musically tradition pieces, temporary music to projects in musical frontiers. For a detailled finance controlling of these various projects the Bayerisches Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau e.V. uses BusinessGuard. With BusinessGuard as web based bi application the liquidity management goes smoothly as well as easily and we know at any time our revenues and expenses, so the managing comittee of the Bayerisches Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau e.V..

  • BIG SOCIAL MEDIA GmbH Open or Close

    The BIG Social Media GmbH is active in the business fields Business Intelligence Service and since 2006 intensified in the area Social Media Management. Thereby they offer for each company the appropriate Social Media solution. For their accounting BIG Social Media GmbH rely on BusinessGuard. Particularly the flexible and easy handling of many different planning scenarios with the possibility of a target-actual comparison have been one of the deciding reasons. The easy handling and the high satisfaction confirm the decision for BusinessGuard.

  • EESY-IC GmbH Open or Close

    The eesy-ic GmbH is active in the design of hardware as well as of integrated circuits with focus on analog and mixed-signal. The development of lab and production test solutions for integrated circuits are one of the main competences. In the field of the fiscal management control the company uses BusinessGuard. The various planning modules for a quick and efficient planning enable a simple data capture or set-up. Especially the high flexibility and the rapid availability of reliable data is convincing. Overall BusinessGuard as bi solution with an astonishing comfort of operation saves valuable time which we can invest in our work, so the management.

  • EESY-ID GmbH Open or Close

    The eesy-id GmbH has a diversified portfolio at disposal in the branches automotive, mobile communications, navigation, RFID, medical electronics, LED technologies as well as EMC. The active governance and controll of these diverse company areas are supported by BusinessGuard as widespread planning and analysis tool. The advantage of BusinessGuard is clear – the rapid availability of reliable data as well as convincing analysis help to make informed choices which is in our fast moving branch of industry of high importance, says Georg Schmidt, eesy-id GmbH CEO/ CVO. So we know through the scenario creation the financial effects and through this we can make the perfect decisions for our company!


    The GEROTRON COMMUNICATION GmbH as competence center for HF- and microwave engineering equibs with knowledge around the communication technology through fairs, seminars and workshops. The center of attention is the transfer of knowledge around the field of communication technology. To apply to this mission BusinessGuard is used for the business planning and management as business intelligence solution. Through the easy handling and the clear exposition we need less time for the fiscal planning. In so doing we can concentrate on our intrinsically activity but nevertheless we always have reliable information around the company figures, so Georg Schmidt, managing partner of GEROTRON COMMUNICATION GmbH.

  • GoCaps GmbH Open or Close

    GoCaps is the exclusive European distributor of hard capsules manufacturer Farmacapsula SA from Colombia. The capsules are available in different sizes, colors and prints and are made of a hard gelatine or a vegetable alternative. GoCaps relys on BusinessGuard as an extensive BI system so that it is able to focus on sales and customer service. For example, the sales or cost of sales are recorded in an easy manner and BusinessGuard automatically transfers the values in various reports. In this way, the company always knows all its financial aspects and sees in just a few clicks by using the simulation module, for example, the effects of increases in the price of purchase. 

  • GOERLICH PHARMA GmbH Open or Close

    For over 30 years Goerlich Pharma offers his international customers a partial or complete construction of nutritional supplements. Its range extends from raw material purchasing, filling to printed packaging. Effective and accurate financial statement and correct interpretation of the figures is very difficult at this plenty of existing data. Therefore we rely on BusinessGurad as bi-solution for a detailed financial control with integrated BI reporting. In this way we can capture all business data easily and have through one click consolidated and reliable information about the company's situation, so the managing director Franz Goerlich.

  • HÄNSEL PROCESSING GmbH Open or Close


    The Hänsel Processing GmbH supplies machines and complete systems for the confectionery industry. Faithfully following the slogan "Sweet Competence" the enterprise proved since over 90 years real authority in the sweets industry. They supply considerable customers like Nestlé, Stork or Katjes. The Hänsel Processing GmbH tested likewise one of the first versions of BusinessGuard through its paces and came to the resume that our tool will profoundly supports the controlling department and e.g. the time, which was used for the production of the end-of-year procedure were significantly reduced by BusinessGuard. Thus the routine gets more momentum and the employees have more time for more complex tasks of planning and analysis.

  • OMEGACEUTICAL AG Open or Close

    The Omegaceutical AG unites the companies Goerlich Pharma, PG Naturpharma and GoCaps. As hoding of these companies the Omegaceutical AG has an enormous amount of data which can be hardly and only very time-consuming summarized without the help of a bi-software into aggregated information. Because of this the company trust on BusinessGuard as bi-solution with a standardized contained bi-reporting. Through the use of BusinessGuard we can easily administrate all 3 companies, so the board. This tool is generating us automatically from the information variety consolidated reports without transcription errors and makes action orientated knowledge in the form of analysis available. Furthermore the yearly business report can be built in just a few clicks. 

  • PG NATURPHARMA GmbH Open or Close

    The PG Natural Pharma is specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality nutritional supplements. Thus, the product portfolio of PG Naturpharma contains over 30 different products for the international market. With this plenty of information from raw material purchasing, product manufacturing, storage and distribution, it is not always easy to know the company's current situation in detail. Therefore, we use BusinessGuard as a powerful and comprehensive planning and analysis tool. With BusinessGuard we have through a few clicks consolidated and reliable information of all corporate dimensions and at the same time we also have a liquidity management without great effort, so the management. 

  • TACTRON ELEKTRONIK GmbH & Co. KG Open or Close

    As specialist in the area of wireless telecommunications the TACTRON ELEKTRONIK GmbH & Co. KG represents numerous foreign producers. The corporate sales is focused on the fields telecommunication, aerospace, safety engineering as well as technical software. For this diverse portfolio with numerous producers the company uses BusinessGuard as high performing but nevertheless simple as well as clear planning and analysis tool. As professional solution offers BusinessGuard the necessary flexibility and rapidity  which we need for our work. So we always keep on top of all financial company aspects. 


    As long-term organizer of balls and events the event management lies in our hearts. Therefore we aren’t just organizing but we also consult in the event organization field.  As organizer we need to keep an eye on the various costs so that we make anyway a cost-covering planning. Since we use BusinessGuard we need less time  for a consistent cost planning or also for the annual financial statement. Through this easy and user friendly tool we always have a detailled finance controlling at our disposal and know at any time our liquidity, says Brigitte Schmidt from TechConsult Unternehmensberatung GmbH.   

»BusinessGuard convinces with a performance

  range which you normally just expect from big

  and expensive applications – and impresses

  with an astonishing operating comfort!«

Eduard Satzinger,
CEO and consultant of the DGC mbH



But BusinessGuard is not just used in the industry, but rather in the education of young academics. So the University Graz is using BusinessGuard in the lecture Praktische Unternehmenführung“ to impart the students practical economical know-ledge.