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 Convince your creditors or potential investors from your business idea with profound fiscal documents!


BusinessGuard Basis offers you:

• Transparent fiscal documents

• Consistent and detailed business planning

• Easy premise verification and adaption of your business planning

• Constant data transparency 

• Flexible contract duration without high investment costs



Intuitive, wizard based planning process

Without investing much time you create economically documents in BusinessGuard through our wizard based, modular planning process!


Representative for our planning process is the user-friendly simplification of normally complex tasks. With support of our planning wizard you create a detailed, convincing business planning based on planned actions and business transactions. Stepwise you go through each planning step and record on a daily level the planned business activities in terms of value and of amount - with definition of the according dimension. For your business planning you keep on using Excel with all known and flexible functions through the standard BusinessGuard Excel interface. 


With BusinessGuard Basis we support your entrepreneurial aim formulation through the definition of the required actions! Through our graphical data preparation you see at a glance if you've calculated cost covering. 





BI-Reporting for a thorough, financial perspective

Based on your created business planning you get a detailed view on the daily liquidity calculation through our various evaluation possibilities. Hereto at each data input an automatically data transfer into the different reports and analysis ensues.  


Directly after the input your plan data are transferred and considered without an additional effort. So you possess directly reliable and profound fiscal documents for the financial part of your business plan. Convince from the beginning your investors/ creditors among other things through profound P&L, balances, 3-year-forecasts and through monthly, weekly as well as daily liquidity analysis.


BusinessGuard supports you also through the plan-fact deviation analysis *5. This enables an easy review of the planned and actual business figures. Premises are also uncomplicated adaptable through the steady transparency up to evidence level in BusinessGuard Basis.



Know at any time the daily amount of the liquid assets and recognize timely potential financial bottlenecks!

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* Net price for BusinessGuard Basis, plus prices for system set-up, data migration & training

*3 Fact-interface for additional 14,95 €/ Month