Daily liquidity management for the fact controlling as well as the business planning...



with BusinessGuard Professional you have at any time transparent, fiscal documents ready to hand for fact as well as plan data! 



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Transparency for targeted and profound entrepreneurial decisions …

Through a powerful finance controlling with daily liquidity calculation and detailed business planning - with BusinessGuard Professional fast and uncomplicated created! 




Our approach

In our opinion a sole perpetuation of the past is no efficient and modern business planning and management. BusinessGuard Professional is not just evaluating the past as well as the actual business figures but also creating detailed plans. In so doing we use information in terms of value and amount of known business transactions and planned actions for a detailed and convincing business planning. 


As BI-solution BusinessGuard supports you through a user-friendly simplification of normally complex fiscal topics. We achieve this through a wizard based, modular planning process among others for the order calculation, the HR planning (freelancers and employees), for the open postings planning besides the common costs and revenue planning and many more modules. For your business planning you keep on using all known and flexible Excel functionalities. Within seconds your existing business data are loaded into BusinessGuard Professional.  



BusinessGuard Professional offers:

 direkt einsatzbereite BI-Loesung, die Ihre spezifischen Unternehmensstrukturen abbildet

Especially for your business structures customized application

You get a direct ready-to-use BI-solution which shows your specific company structures! You do not need to adapt to our application but rather BusinessGuard Professional fits to our company. 

 Tagesgenaues Liquiditaetsmangement

Daily liquidity management

Through our Excel- as well as ERP-interface we load effortless within just a few seconds your existing business figures into BusinessGuard Professional. The imported as well as manually captured data are transferred and considered automatically in the various analysis possibilities. So you have directly a daily, automatic calculation of your liquid assets under consideration of the open postings. 



Verlasessliche finanzwirtschaftliche Unterlagen

Reliable, fiscal documents

With BusinessGuard Professional you have at any time profound and reliable fiscal documents for your bank, your investors or your shareholders at hand. So you have directly a daily, automatically calculation of your liquid asstes under consideration of the open postings. 

 Predictive Analysis/ Simulation - Bewertung von Chancen und Risiken

Evaluation of chances and risks

Besides our versatile planning modules and reports as well as analysis possibilities we support you at the evaluation of chances and risks - also through our integrated simulation module. Within just a few clicks you simulate the financial consequences of entrepreneurial decisions and recognize risks at an early stage. 



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