University Cooperation

We made to our task to provide a practically relevant knowledge transfer to future executives as well as the enthusiasm for the important field of the integrated fiscal planning. So we support since the winter semester 2012/2013 the education at the Institute of Corporate Leadership and Entrepreneurship of the University Graz.

In the course of the lecture Practical Business Planning students from different areas of specialisation, experience practically relevant the various dimensions and interactions in a company. Assisted by BusinessGuard and experts on the field of the fiscal planning the students simulate the entrepreneurial daily routine in all facets. Due to the easy and intuitive user surface of BusinessGuard the realistically company simulation can be started within a few minutes.

In so doing an intensive experience of the entrepreneurial daily routine in all facets with an active control and governance of all diverse company dimensions can take place. The students profit from this more than realistically education and are available as well-educated junior employees.